Posted by: lanag87 | March 26, 2013

The perils behind wedding plans

There’s a reason people hire wedding planners – a very good reason.

If it wasn’t for a very detailed plan listing what we still need to get done, we would never get everything ready in time.

1st problem: Catering. Simple enough right? You find a caterer that works for your location, test out the food, and if it’s good enough, book them. We were all set until we decided to change the date of the wedding from September 2nd to May 27th. It’s a Monday and it’s a holiday – Memorial Day – so more people are likely to have it off work. The downside is not everyone likes to work over Memorial Day weekend, so that means some caterers don’t want to work either. Woops. 2 months to go and no caterer. That sounds like a problem, doesn’t it?

2nd problem: Flights to Boston. We’re taking our honeymoon trip as a cruise to Bermuda – an awesome mixture between exciting and exotic. The downside – when you book your flights months ahead of time but suddenly need to change them, it gets a little pricey. The real problem is you have to stay with the same airline you initially booked through. And if you can’t find a cheaper flight, penalties end up reaching a whopping $400 extra, on what you’ve already paid for an $1100 flight. Yowch.

3rd problem: Ring bearers. We decided against the traditional young boy or young girl family members to walk up the aisle in cute clothes tossing flowers and carrying very expensive rings with them. One tantrum and you’re in trouble. We decided on a different approach – puppies. Our dogs Story and Ledger are like our kids, so why wouldn’t we want them to be part of the ceremony. What’s worse than a toddler carrying a ring or flowers, a dog carrying them…outside…on a golf course with plenty of running room. If they take off and the bride and groom have to go chase them, somebody better be filming.



  1. Love the ring bearers.

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