Posted by: lanag87 | July 22, 2013

Baby shopping at 27 weeks. Used or new?

27 weeks is almost done, which means the end of the 2nd trimester! Here’s to the 3rd trimester – 3 months of a big belly, bad balance and ravenous hunger. Or so I hear…

27 weeks

The little boy (who we originally dubbed the little monster) is still growing and kicking! He’s nice and calm when I’m out running or walking around in the heat. But the minute I sit down, kick kick kick! I wonder if he’s trying to tell us something…

And as he starts making his presence known, I notice I’m starting to get a little baby shopping crazy. Every time I see adorable baby clothes, I want to buy everything! Scott and I have been searching the Internet for the best and safest cribs out there. But what I really want to buy immediately – jogging strollers.

The little one won’t make an appearance until October, which means the opportunity to even use a stroller will have to wait until closer to March. But I can’t help it, as the weight increases (I’m going to admit it – 20 pounds so far), the idea of a jogging stroller is even more appealing. I want to be that crazy person running in Salt Lake City with a stroller and 2 dogs.

This is one I’ve been looking at a lot – the Baby Trend Expedition stroller:

expedition strollerstroller cost

But as you can see, it comes with a price tag, which includes the stroller and car seat. I looked up most jogging strollers on their own, they’re at least $150. So here’s my question – is an extra $80 a good price for a car seat that is getting good safety ratings? Or, should we start searching on Amazon or local used baby shops for these kind of supplies?

I want a stroller that I’ll end up using for the next few years, and I’m nervous about a used car seat. So I’m calling out to all Moms out there – is it better to go new or used? Or is that a decent price for even a new one? We’re already planning on going new for the crib, so the idea would be to cut back in other areas. Open to all opinions: Go!



  1. 1. I’d NEVER buy a used car seat. Ever. I just don’t trust them, and the laws for re-selling car seats are pretty strict, car seats expire even!
    2. Jogging strollers are expensive, but so are most things for a baby. On average the typical cost for a baby item is about $130, so the cost of the stroller isn’t terrible considering what it comes with. Have you checked out KSL or Kid-to-kid? Even babies-r-us has some great sets on sale for cheap.

  2. In Alaska stores couldn’t sell used car seats, there is no way of knowing the history. I vote new car seat, used stroller!

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