Posted by: lanag87 | August 29, 2014

Letter to my son

Dylan, before you were born, I wanted to do everything perfect. You were going to be loved like no other baby, every first sneeze, laugh, and precious moment would be well documented.

But that didn’t happen. You’ve been growing up so fast that between work and following you as you crawl upstairs, around the corner and over the dogs, I haven’t written everything down.

box baby    pancake baby                                         

I told myself you would never get hurt. But sometime after the 5th time you had bumped into something in your way, or a puppy tail had knocked you down, I stopped worrying about the little ouches and just stocked up on hugs & kisses.

You’re just so adventurous – always wanting to try new things.

magnet baby

One minute I’m proud of you, the next I’m scared. When you first climbed up the stairs in our new house, I was overjoyed and immediately recorded video of your endeavor. Until I realized this meant you would always be climbing to new heights – whether you knew how to get down or not. You’re like your dad that way.

When we went camping this summer, you wanted to go everywhere. And stuff everything in your mouth. I gave up on how much dirt you ate and just focused on keeping you away from the fire. Like a moth to the flame? You’re my baby moth. You just wanted to touch it.

camping 1 baby camping 2 baby

But it’s your love of books that makes me the most proud. The first time you held up a book for me to read to you, I wanted to cry.

book baby

I still do, to be honest. I promise every time you want to read “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”, I’ll read it. Even if that means 10 times, which has happened before. Just hold it up and I’ll start turning pages. I love you munchkin.

Love, Mom





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