Posted by: lanag87 | October 8, 2014

Looking Back At 1 Year

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. But it’s not yesterday, it’s been almost 1 year from that life-changing day.

10 hours of sleep, hard work and pushing, pain, tears and joy – and you were born into the world on October 11, 2013.

dylan 0 mo 2

Every day has been full of challenges and amazement as you grow.

The 1st month – I was terrified. Every time you cried and I immediately tried to comfort you. Neither of us slept through the night. And even when you did fall asleep, I kept stopping to check to make sure you were still breathing – paranoid something would happen to you.

dylan 1 mo

You became part of the family almost immediately. The dogs loved you (I’ll admit, the first time they met you they were bribed with treats) from early on. You cuddled the way into our hearts.

But then something happened, you started becoming your own person – fidgeting, crying, even smiling.

Dylan 2 mo dylan 3 mo 

That was around Thanksgiving.

By Christmas, your personality was already emerging.

I blame your dad for the picture, btw.

Then by 4 months old, you were playing on the play mat, trying to grab everything to go into your mouth.

dylan 4 mo

By 5 months old, I was again astounded as you were already sitting up on your own. You fell a few seconds later. But that didn’t matter.

dylan 5 mo    dylan 6 mo

For months I had been slowly starting to read to you. But then at 6 months, you started wanting me to read. You would grab the book on your own and hold it up. Almost like a request.

I wanted to cry. And then you started wanting to eat on your own at 7 months. The food I had on the spoon wasn’t as good as the food you could put into your own mouth.

It’s like you had a mission to grow up as quickly as possible.

dylan7 mo        dylan 9 mo

Instead of wallowing, I cheered you on as you gained even more independence. By 8 months you were holding on to things to walk around – joyous in the freedom.

Then 9 months came, your first pair of shoes because I knew you would need them soon.

dylan 10 mo

Not that you wanted to keep them on, but we started small.

There’s you at 11 months. The shoes are gone but you’re still learning and exploring. Trying to play with blocks and boards.

dylan 11 mo

Now it’s been almost 1 whole year. You don’t just play with your toys, you can actually stack them on your own.

dylan almost 12 mo

You can crawl and walk. The world is open to you (at least until your mean mom puts up the baby gate and blocks your path). I don’t know what the universe will hold for you, but you can be sure I’ll be there with a camera and a hug & kiss as you discover the next steps (literally) in your path.

I love you baby boy.


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